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  • To educate people about the problems with both the process and the product of the 2011 Roman Missal
  • To call for its immediate withdrawal and/or revision
  • To call for reconsideration of the 1998 Sacramentary (Missal)

What If We Just Said Wait?
The site includes essays, valuable comments from many people, and
  • invites readers to give their reactions to the use of the new Missal
  • gives this link to the full 1998 text  (Click on the rectangular green "download" button, in the box saying "Save File to...your computer")

The Vatican’s Tahrir Square? Fr. Kevin T. Kelly  
Kevin T Kelly is a retired parish priest and emeritus Research Fellow in Moral Theology at Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, England.
Two extracts to encourge reading of an article that says much, much more:

By 1998 ICEL’s revised version of the Roman Missal was complete and had been examined and approved by all the English-speaking bishops’ conferences. It was then sent to the Congregation of Divine Worship (CDW) for its formal ‘recognitio’. This was refused, completely disregarding the key Vatican II principle of collegiality! Moreover, without any consultation, the CDW brought out an entirely new set of guidelines, Liturgiam Authenticam, which insisted on a much more literal fidelity in translating and actually warned against any ecumenical involvement in the process. Moreover, it showed total insensitivity to women by ruling out any use of inclusive language!".....
"I also feel that this 'extraordinary force'  is also manifesting itself in the growing unease about the imposition of the new translation of the Roman Missal. A grass-roots resistance seems to be growing among ordinary Catholics who are deeply concerned at the impact this new translation will have on their Sunday Mass".
It's the Eucharist, Thank God  Bishop Maurice Taylor (chair of ICEL 1997 to 2002)
Decani Books, Brandon, Suffolk , 2009
It Doesn’t Sing: The Trouble with the New Roman Missal
Rita Ferrone 

This exploration of the text of the new Missal ends with the following:
"Beneath the words of the new translation, one senses a drive to minimize the practical effects of Vatican II. The reforms of Vatican II prized clarity and intelligibility in the liturgy; they gave priority to the work of ecumenism and evangelization; they respected the local work of bishops conferences; they invited aggiornamento and engagement with the world. This vital heritage is being eclipsed by another agenda. We are seeing a wooden loyalty to the Latin text at the price of clarity and intelligibility. We are seeing a retreat from advances already made in ecumenism. We are seeing the proper role of local bishops and bishops conferences increasingly taken over by the authorities in Rome. We are seeing the liturgy reimagined as an event taking place in some sacral space outside of our world, rather than the beating heart of a world made new. ....
"Yes, we can get used to the new translation of the Roman Missal. But we shouldn’t. The church can do better, and deserves better, than this".
A shepherd who refused to become a sheep...
Fr Mike Fallon
One quote from the article:
"it is clearly inaccurate to claim, as many opponents of the New Translation have done, that the Conferences of English-speaking Bishops have never taken the Congregation of Divine Worship to task over its successful efforts to interfere in, and seek to curb the rightful authority of, Episcopal Conferences, in this area. The various Conferences clearly supported Cardinal Winning's initiative and empowered him to speak on their behalf. The tragedy is that when he died, it seems they lost not only their spokesman but also their way. Indeed a decade later, the bishops seem to have performed a veritable volte-face: they seem to have surrendered their authority and no longer try to reclaim and re-establish their rights. For many of us, their increasing failure during these years to exercise their Episcopal authority in this area has been both sad and rather humiliating."
Early experience of the Mass text in S Africa:
"I am concerned that this latest decision from the Vatican may be interpreted as another example of what is perceived to be a systematic and well-managed dismantling of the vision, theology and ecclesiology of Vatican II." Bishop Kevin Dowling

Catholic social teaching finds church leadership lacking

Why is this convoluted translation only foisted on English-speaking Catholics?

Do we have a church in schism?

Spinning the new Roman Missal
Monday, November 21, 2011
By Bryan Cones
Catholics love to go the “both/and” route on almost everything, but I’m not sure that’s possible here......

There is no dispute that thousands of changes were added in the final moments by a single American priest in a Roman office—who introduced errors to the final text. This story is well-documented, with the best journalistic work done by the U.K. Tablet. Read them for yourself: here,here, and here. Or read John Wilkins account here.

Poorly worded: Can we have a Mass that speaks to real people?
Father William J. O’Malley, S.J., in US. Catholic
Such personal, rather than punctilious, concern for souls over doctrines would also be welcome to those of us who have resolved to stay. No matter what.

Commentaries on aspects of the Mass text

‘And with your spirit’?
Jack Mahoney S.J.


On consulting the faithful in matters of doctrine, John Henry Newman
When writing about the “teaching Church,”  in the final sentence John Henry Newman writes that
"the Ecclesia docens […to use his original Latin…] is more happy when she has such enthusiastic partisans about her as are here represented, than when she cuts off the faithful from the study of her divine doctrines and the sympathy of her divine contemplations, and requires from them fides implicita in her word, which in the educated classes will terminate in indifference, and in the poorer in superstition.”

Lists of links on other sites

Links to articles,  compiled by he Louisville Liturgy Forum

Ireland's Association of Catholic Priests:Liturgical Texts Debate

"Jack Mahoney looks closely at the response, ‘And with your spirit’ and directs our attention to one aspect of its meaning that we might otherwise neglect"

Domine, non sum dignus
Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ

The words [Lord I am not worthy] with which we prepare to receive the Eucharist are changing with the introduction of the new English translation of the Missal. Liturgist, Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ asks if these new words, which replace a prayer that has been in use since 1970, express the essence of our ritual preparation to share in the body and blood of Christ.

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